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About Me

Who am I?

I am a Product Designer and Researcher based in Toronto, Ontario. 

With a passion for improving people’s lives through accessible and inclusive design, I can apply the design process from start to finish and have particular strengths in

digging into human behaviour to identify opportunities and understand user needs, and in collaborating effectively with others to create compelling solutions. I bring enthusiasm and curiosity to every project, along with an unwavering focus on delivering the quality and details that result in successful designs.

My Values...

Design with empathy

In order to design solutions that have a positive impact on the lives of others, I strive to see the world through their eyes, understand their daily struggles and interpret their needs.

Always be learning

I take every project as an opportunity to become a better designer and communicator, and develop new skills that will make me more experienced as a creator and human being.

Love what you do

This value applies to everyone, not just designers. I believe the most creative ideas ultimately appear when I am passionate and excited about my work.

"In my spare time I enjoy drawing, cooking, and making music. I also maintain a YouTube channel where I post song covers and mashups."

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